Festivities Collection

If for our brain is enough to say that a date is a holiday, the heart needs of odours and flavours to make us relive the full day of celebration like when we were kids.

Our “Morbidelli” are an interpretation of “Mustaccioli”, typical of Christmas in Naples, without eggs and butter, much softer that the classic ones. The secret lies in the use of wildflower honey, from controlled farms, which guarantees the right softness and texture. All “Morbidelli” are covered with a delicious and crunchy milk or dark chocolate frosting. The” Bottoncini” are the version filled with a fragrant filling of sour cherries, quince fruit, chestnuts and hazelnuts jam. The “Affogatini” are made of Strega liqueur and coffee. The “Chiacchiere”, both the classic and with chocolate frosting, represent the typical sweet of Carnival.