Our workshop produces high quality items, but does so with spirit and strategies of a workshop as a natural derivation of family history

A workshop about 500 mq of new construction located in Ariano Irpino in road Cardito n° 10, 1 expert laboratory, 2 industry professionals to produce, 1 logistics officer, 1 safety officer to sales, 1 warehouse, 1 administrative officer e 3 workers.

These numbers, the original formulation of specific products and recipes handed down from generations of families or research at the renowned tradition associated with the particular vision of the corporate mission, with the study of particular business conditions have allowed us to gradually assume a strategic and competitive positioning .

Through this process there are now about 130 outlets qualified as an active part in a new process for the rehabilitation of biscuits. While there are similar activities in the first impact, our workshop is characterized by more sophisticated “product design”, producing only quality articles.

The intimate connection between the system and the utility of the product, is the key to differentiation and is of such magnitude as to render difficult the sectoral classification of the company.